Monday 16 May, 2022
River Stone Satin Rag Review
Photopxl reviews River Stone Satin Rag paper

Veteran photographer Mark Segal has taken the time to test one of Breathing Color’s specialty papers for the hobbyist as well as the professional. This time, he worked with River Stone Satin Rag paper.

What sets this paper apart from others is that it’s 100% cotton substrate is coated on both sides, both of which can be printed on, even though Breathing Color identifies a front side for printing . Mark observes that the dual coating prevents any cotton from the substrate shedding into the printer.

Prints without Creasing or Curling

You would expect a paper with a 350gsm weight to be rather thick. Inkjet Media recommends using the widest platen gap when printing on it. Segal followed this direction and found that the paper fed nicely through the manual slot of his Epson SureColor P5000, without causing any creases or curling.

Performance Testing

Mark undertook his usual objective data-driven testing of the paper’s performance, complemented by observation of real photos printed on it. For starters, he checks the paper for OBA content, finding River Stone Satin Rag, which is preferred for archival purposes.

Mark’s in-depth testing shows that Breathing Color’s River Stone Satin Rag paper has a fairly standard white point in line with similar papers. Its black point is “very good,” and based on Mark’s measurements, River Stone “performs very well in respect of printed tone and colour accuracy.”

Meeting Expectations – on both Sides of the Paper

Segal printed a test image on both sides of the paper. He remarks on the “smooth tonal gradations” as well as the rich colour rendition. The satin coating of the paper creates a finish that avoids the glare of a high gloss product. Mark found that the paper performs as well printed on both sides.

Mark concluded that Breathing Color River Stone Satin Rag is “a fine addition to the repertory of PK luster-type papers.”

Mark’s detailed review of the paper can be found here:

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