Monday 27 June, 2022
Ensuring your canvas arrives creaseless.
Creased canvas rolls are not a thing, with Breathing Color’s padding process!

Have you ever gotten to the end of a roll of your favourite canvas, only to have it ruined with waves, grooves and creases running the width of the roll? It’s a common occurrence, with our competitor’s canvas that is. If you’ve ever cracked into any of the aqueous canvas, you would note that the issue is simply not there.

So, you may ask: “Where does this issue come from? Why does it happen?”

Let’s talk about it:

This ripple effect happens because the canvas is wrapped on top of itself directly on the roll and during the winding process, compression happens towards the inside layers of the roll. That compression causes these creases to build up at the lip of where the canvas started on the roll and this creasing continues on each subsequent wrap around the roll. This goes away after so many passes (because the canvas itself is providing the padding) but those last few feet of canvas are just never the same!

And what is the result? Those annoying creases cause a loss of material and create waste where you could have beautiful canvas all the way through.

Breathing Color’s solution is simple; Provide padding before the canvas ever goes on the roll!

The product we supply has padding around each core, ultimately cushioning the inner layers of your canvas. This prevents creases and grooves from ever happening! The video below shows the process of adding the padding in detail. This ensures the quality of the canvas you have come to expect from Inkjet Media and the Breathing Color product.

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